What We Do

Job Toolbox has carved out a niche in the Australian career development industry and prides itself on igniting people’s careers through online courses and individual one on one coaching.  Job Toolbox online courses are designed for a wide range of people such as those seeking career development, parents returning to work, those pursuing a career change, graduates entering the workforce, anyone looking to kick start their career, or people who just want a job change.

The Job Toolbox team has a passion for helping people achieve their career goals by providing individuals with the skills and tools to succeed.

The online training introduce a range of tools to:

  • Develop a career plan that can highlight the steps to your next or ideal job
  • Create convincing job applications that target any job you apply for
  • Prepare for the interview so you can answer interview questions with confidence
  • Confidently negotiate your salary, and
  • Kick-start your career

Who we are

Job Toolbox founder and creator, Andria Wyman-Clarke is a human resources expert with more than 25 years’ industry experience.  A hallmark of her career has been successfully helping people achieve their professional goals and career aspirations.


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During her career, Andria has worked in every facet of human resources, including recruiting thousands of employees and setting the standard for industry best practice across different high profile brands in multiple countries. Andria has held various executive level Human Resources roles with leading global businesses including: the Thales Group, Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Coles Myer, Holden (General Motors), and Rio Tinto.

“I know that when people are truly satisfied in their chosen career, their well-being improves and that is a benefit of job satisfaction.” Andria Wyman-Clarke

What makes us different?

Job Toolbox believes everyone should have access to the tools and skills they need to assist with their professional development and achieve their career goals. This is why Job Toolbox was created, to give everyone, in any role, in any industry, the skills and tools to create and action their own career plan to achieve their career goals.