Ace Your Interview

Ace Your Job Interview

Do you wish you knew how to 'Ace your job interview'?
Are you?:

  • Nervous at the thought of an interview?
  • Not sure how to predict what questions will be asked?
  • Unsure how to prepare?
  • Confused by the questions?
  • Not sure how to answer tricky behavioural type questions?
  • Thinking of good answers after the interview has finished?
  • Never sure what to say when the interviewer says “Do you have any questions”
  • Getting interviews but never get offered the job?

What you will learn from our online training

From our online training you will learn the Job Toolbox Job Search Methodology. You will learn how to predict the majority of the questions that you will be asked in an interview. You will learn how to craft answers that appeal to the recruiters and hiring managers. The preparation guides and worksheets, question tips, and samples will ensure that you interview with confidence and credibility. All of these give you a methodology to ensure long term success in your interviews.

You will also learn how to answer those tricky behavioural type questions. Predicting the questions allows you to prepare and practice your answers for each job interview. This will allow you to relax, be more confident, credible, and successful during your interviews with the recruiter and hiring manager(s). 

What else can you learn in our online training?

  • How to develop your Career Plan and to review it regularly
  • How to 'Convince with your Application'
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to 'Ace your Interview'
  • How to 'Negotiate your Salary'
  • How to 'Kick-start your Success' in your new job

These six segments give you the key skills to ensure success in your current job search.  The Job Toolbox Job Search Methodology is key to your ongoing success in your career.


Recently a client told me that she had no trouble getting interviews and thought she was good in the interviews but never got the job offer. Within 5 minutes of an interview role play, I identified the problem and quickly gave her the winning formula for interview success.

A Job Toolbox workshop attendee used the methodology for interview preparation and was offered every job she interviewed for – 100% success.

The Job Toolbox Job Search Methodology is applicable for people who currently have a job and want to advance in their careers. It is equally applicable for first time employees, parents returning to work, office employees, and managers or top level executives. They are applicable to you as well.

How was the job search methodology developed?

In my 25 years of Human Resources, I interviewed many hundreds of candidates at all levels. From first time job hunters to coordinators to managers to senior top level executives. I saw great candidates who would be successful at the job however their interview skills let them down. I have seen almost every mistake an applicant can make.  This methodology has been developed from this experience and my passion of helping people with their career success. The methodology is developed from experience of what the recruiter and hiring manager within the company wants to see in an applicant.   This is important because it is the hiring manager who usually makes the final applicant selection decision.