It's time for a career mid-year checkpoint

It's time for a  career mid-year checkpoint

It’s time - for a career mid-year career checkpoint

The middle of the year, 30th June, has arrived.  Now is the time to spend an hour on your career with a mid-year checkpoint.

Career Plan:  Everyone should have a career plan and regularly update their career plan. You should review your career plan frequently.

Career Plan Checkpoint:

  • Are my goals still valid and achievable?
  • Have I taken concrete steps towards my goals for this year? 
  • Am I progressing towards my aspirations?
  • Have I reviewed and updated my LinkedIn profile?

Learning and Development Plan:  You should have a yearly plan to learn new skills and enhance current competencies both in the workplace and outside of work. 

Learning & Development Checkpoint:

  • What have I learned this year?
  • What am I going to learn for the second half of the year?
  • What is changing in my job or industry?
  • What new skills would open up opportunities for me?

Networking Plan:  Your network is vital to your current and future success in your job and career. Too often our network develops ‘by chance’ rather than with a proper plan.

Networking Plan Checkpoint:

  • Is my network tailored to my career plan?
  • Did I accomplish the networking goals for the first half of the year?
  • What do I need to do differently in the second half of the year?
  • How did I help the people in my network? How do I ensure that the relationship is two-way?

Performance Review: Depending on your company’s performance cycle, this could be a good opportunity to ensure that you are on track for a good performance review.  Even if your company doesn’t do performance reviews (or your manager doesn’t), it is worthwhile considering if you are on track.

Performance Review Checkpoint:

  • Do I have clear performance targets for the remainder of the calendar year?
  • Will I reach or exceed all targets? If not, what is the plan to get them on target?
  • Have I written down my achievements for the first half of the year, so I can ensure my performance review captures the full year?

To ensure that you are on track with your career, ensure that you are doing a mid-year and end of year checkpoint. 

I welcome comments with your opinion about what people should include in the mid-year checkpoint.

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