Ignite! A Career Plan in a Day

Ignite! A Career Plan in a Day

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A DO-IT-YOURSELF guide to create a Career Plan in a day

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Course Summary

Much more than how to create a Career Plan, this online course gives you a powerful and easy to follow proven strategy to achieve a successful career.
A Career Plan is a critical part of this strategy that you can use through your whole working career to more quickly get your next job, or your dream job.
You will have at the end of the online course a well-structured, detailed Career Plan that can be shared, if you wish, with a coach or mentor.

Course Details

Developed from her extensive and successful career in Human Resources Andria Wyman-Clarke (Founder and MD of Job Toolbox) takes you through in detail the steps to create a Career Plan that is not just a static document but a strategy that will amplify and speed up your career success.

She often uses relevant stories and examples to help you understand and compete each of the worksheets that are the building blocks of your Career Plan.

Like using a GPS to determine a path to where you want to go, you need to know where you are starting from. The course starts by helping you understand within a career frame of reference where you are starting from. If you are not sure of where you want to go with your career, Andria has several methods that can help you come up with some options. Then through a series of easly to follow worksheets Andria will guide you to creating a Career Plan on how to get to where you want to go.

The course includes downloadable editable PDF worksheets. You can simply print these and write on them. However the recommended use of the worksheets is to edit them with (Free) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This will allow you to edit and save your changes to the worksheets and your Career Plan.