Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiate your Salary

When you get an offer, are you unsure if you should negotiate the salary or just take it?

Do any of the following describe you?

  • Not sure when to ask about the salary?
  • Don’t know where to get information on what is a reasonable salary for this job?
  • Want the job so you don’t negotiate for fear of having the offer withdrawn?
  • Unclear if you can negotiate?
  • Scared to ask the question about salaries?

How Job Toolbox can help you

The Job Toolbox negotiation preparation tools, worksheets, and discussion templates gives everyone the formula to ensure long term success in salary negotiation. The technique is sensitive and does not jeopardize the offer nor the relationship.


After attending a Job Toolbox workshop one of our attendees, applied for her dream job. She used all the resume and interview advice she had learnt.  To her delight, she was successful and was offered the job at a specific salary.  She used the template from the workshop and was successful in bumping their offer significantly upwards.  She is a delighted customer.

In my 25 years of Human Resources, I have set the salary of many successful candidates and offered the job.  I have seen the strategies and tactics that worked and others where I decided to withdraw the offer.   The workshop segment on negotiating salaries has been very successful and has been the highest rated section of our course to date.

Through our combination of a Job Toolbox Workshop and a free half hour consultation we have a unique solution that gives you the skills and confidence to be successful in your negotiations and your career.


In the workshop, you will also learn the key ingredients for a successful career:

  • How to craft your career plan and to review it regularly
  • How to convince with your application
  • How to Ace your Interview
  • How to Negotiate your Salary
  • How to Kick-start your success in your new job

The Job Toolbox Job Search methodology is key to your ongoing success in your career.

These five segments give you the key skills to ensure success in this job search and your next job search.  Each segment has a wealth of tools, worksheets, templates, and samples to help you be successful this time and the next time in your job search.

Free personal consultation

Included in the workshop is a personal 30 minute consultation. You may use this before or after the workshop. You may spend this time for help in your salary negotiating strategy, reviewing your resume and LinkedIn profile, or practicing your interview skills. 

If you need this service urgently before the workshop, please contact us.

If you do not find the free consultation beneficial, if you notify us within 24 hours of the consultation, we will refund your $550.00 workshop fee and cancel your attendance at the workshop.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back in full!

If you feel that you do not get value from the workshop, if you notify Job Toolbox within 24 hours of the workshop, we will refund your $550.00 in full.  

 Workshop attendees spots are limited, book now and contact us if you would like your free consultation before attending the workshop.