Online Training

We offer online training courses that you can conveniently view in your own time using your PC, tablet or smart phone.  The online courses have worksheets and tools that you can download to assist your learning.  New courses are being added, the current courses are:

  •  Ignite! A Career Plan in a Day
  • Convince with your aplication

 Our online training courses are found within our Products page.


After completing our online training courses you will be well prepared to start your job search. If you would like some additional support we offer one on one feedback and coaching for the following:

  • Developing your Career Plan
  • Creation or modification of your master resume
  • Creation or update of your LinkedIn Profile
  • Crafting a cover letter for a specific job application
  • Customising your resume for a specific job application
  • Interview skills feedback and coaching for a specific job interview.  This includes active role playing for your interview preparation
  • Salary negotiation

The coaching will be conducted via. Skype or any communication method that is convenient for you. 


Andria Wyman-Clarke is an internationally recognised presenter.  Her passion is speaking about career advancement especially for women.  If you would like her to present at your industry or professional organisation function please contact us.