Targeted Resume Writing

Targeted Resume Writing

You have probably heard or read in lots of places that a critical component for your successful job application is a targeted resume. A targeted resume or tailored resume is written specifically for the job you want. Are you unsure of the winning formula for resumes?

Do any of the concerns below describe you? 

  • Sending out resumes without any response?
  • Not written a resume for many years?
  • Unsure how to write a resume?
  • Just keep adding your last job to the same old resume?
  • Received negative feedback on your resume?
  • Not sure what to send with your resume?
  • Tired of paying a professional resume writing service for each job you apply for?

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is basically a computer program that reads your application looking for words and phrases that match what the employer is looking for. Many of these systems are old and can only handle a limited range of file types such as .txt, and .doc. They struggle with or ignore information in some fonts also fancy formatting such as boxes, tables and colours. 

How can Job Toolbox help you?

A Job Toolbox workshop will give you the tools and skills to write a targeted resume for any job you apply for.

You will learn how your application can successfully pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) so that it gets to the recruiter. You will also learn how craft your resume so that it appeals to the recruiter and hiring manager. 

A template and example will make this process easy to learn so that you can write your own targeted resume.

The principles you learn will significantly improve your job search success now and in the future.

We give you the resume writing skills to take you through your career.

Will it work for you?

A Job Toolbox workshop attendee had stayed in the same job for over 10 years because she did not know how to write a resume.  She now has the winning formula for her resume and was delighted with the workshop.

Another attendee had been uploading his resume without any job success or even an interview request.  He discovered that the format of his resume meant that the Applicant Tracking Systems were discarding his resume.  With a few changes using our process, his resume is a winner and he is now getting interviews.

You know yourself best and you know the qualities that make you successful.  At Job Toolbox, we believe that you can be the best person to write your targeted resume now, and into the future.

Our process has worked for many people, it can also work for you.

Benefit from experience

In my 25 years in Human Resources, I have read thousands of resumes and have seen every error that people make.  Usually only a couple of resumes out of hundreds of applications make it to the shortlist and the interview stage. 

You know that a targeted resume is significantly more successful than having just one resume continually send out to different companies.

Through our combination of a Job Toolbox Workshop and a free half hour consultation we have a unique solution that gives you the skills and confidence to be successful in your career.

What else will you learn in the Workshop?

In the workshop, you will also learn the key ingredients for a successful career:

  • How to craft your career plan and to review it regularly
  • How to convince with your application
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile 
  • How to Ace the interview
  • How to Negotiate your Salary
  • How to Kick-start your success in your new job

The Job Toolbox Job Search methodology is the key to your ongoing success.

These five segments give you the key skills to ensure success in your job search and your next job search.  Each segment has a wealth of tools, worksheets, templates, and samples to help you be successful this time and for your next job as you advance in your career.

Free personal consultation

Included with the workshop is a personal 30 minute consultation.  You can use the consultation (via phone or Skype) either reviewing your resume, or LinkedIn profile, practicing your interview skills, or help with negotiating your salary. 

If you need this service urgently before the workshop, please contact us. Or you may choose to use your free consultation after attending the workshop.

If you use the consultation before the workshop and do not find it beneficial, if you notify us within 24 hours of the consultation, we will refund your $550.00 workshop fee and cancel your attendance at the workshop.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back in full!

If you feel that you did not get value from the workshop, notify Job Toolbox within 24 hours of the workshop, and we will refund your $550.00 in full.