Get my next job workshop

Why would you want to attend a Get my next job workshop?:  

  • Are you watching the clock for 5:00pm to come around?
  • Do you feel undervalued at work?
  • Are you happier when your boss is on holiday?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our 'Get my next job workshop' is for you.

Here at Job Toolbox, our workshops have been specifically designed to give you the modern skills and tools to establish your career and achieve your goals. The workshops are designed to be in an interactive environment allowing you to collaborate with the workshop facilitator and other participants.


In the 'Get my next job workshop' we cover a range of topics that are crucial to your next job and career success including:

  • Developing a Career Plan - to highlight the steps to your ideal job
  • Creating a Convincing Application - that targets any job you apply for
  • Creating a LinkedIn Profile - so that recruiters can find you
  • Ace Your Interview - how to predict and prepare for questions so you will answer with confidence and credibility
  • Negotiating your salary - when and how to do this effectively
  • Kick-starting your career - how to start off successfully in your new job